My vision board!!!

I’ve never been one to do a vision board, but trying to focus myself and continuing to goal set I decided I should undertake this challenge and run with it! What a perfect project to do over a few cold and snowy days…Asking myself these questions….What are the things that attract me? What do I want to bring into my life this year as it relates to business and family? What are my goals and what sparks that joy inside??? I’d like to think I know the answers to all of these questions but I don’t…So I grabbed a huge stack of magazines, my scissors and some tape and just started cutting out everything that drew my eye in. Before long I had created a board full of inspiration, positivity and most importantly short and long term goals! I’m a very visual person so setting it up in front of my workspace was important so I can see it each and everyday! This helps me stay focused. It was so much fun to simply look for quotes, pictures, words just anything that brought me inspiration. My daughter even sat down and started to create her very own vision board too! So much fun!!! The creative side of me got to come out and play and helped me focus my direction with so many areas of my life. I highly recommend letting your creativity flow and finding your passion for what you envision your life be. Keep it in front of you and make the commitment each and everyday to move forward step by step and you will reach new heights.

Low-glycemic breakfast options!

I get questions all the time about what I eat for breakfast? How can my clients make breakfast quick and easy? How can they keep breakfast fresh and not boring? I’ve put together 5 low-glycemic breakfast options (click below for a free download) that will get your day started on the right foot! For more meal ideas head over to my shop page or as always feel free to direct message me! Here’s to healthy mornings!!! xo. W.

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread deliciousness!!!!

This bread!!! My kiddos absolutely LOVE chocolate chips in their banana bread, so I have to indulge them…Most who know me will naturally assume that I might sneak an avocado, kale or beet in when I can. However NOT today! This bread is delicious and MOIST - not my most favorite word but truly describes it! Full of chocolatey goodness and the perfect addition to the lunch or an after school snack…

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Yields: 1 loaf

Bake: 350 degrees

Prep: 10 mins

Cook: @ 50 mins. depending how hot your oven is.

1 c. whole wheat pastry flour - i love Bob’s red mill

1/2 c. cocoa powder

1 tsp. baking soda

1/4 tsp. kosher salt

3 Bananas (@ 1-1/2c. mashed)

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 egg room temp.

1/2 cup 2% greek yogurt

1/3 cup agave syrup

1 cup semi-sweet or bittersweet chips (I absolutely love 60% bittersweet).


Heat oven to 350 degrees; In medium bowl mix dry ingredients and set aside. In a separate bowl mash bananas and combine wet ingredients. Add dry ingredients to banana mixture and stir together till combined. Stir in 3/4 c. of chocolate chips and reserve 1/4 to sprinkle on top. Prepare a loaf pan - i usually use olive oil spray or avocado oil spray. Pour mixture in to prepared loaf pan, sprinkle with 1/4c. of chips and pop in oven. I typically cover with foil about 35 mins through baking as to not burn the edges. Bake for 45-50 mins depending on how hot your oven bakes. Check to make sure knife comes out clean. Let cool about 10 mins. before removing from loaf pan. Enjoy!!!! xo. W.

My daily inspo today!!! Healthy and mindful choices!

Inspiration comes in many forms and today it came from one of my beautiful clients!!!! I share this gorgeous picture of her breakfast today, because not only does it look absolutely delicious, it truly shows her excitement and her joy in making herself a priority by starting her day off right. She struggles with many of the same issues we women struggle with after turning 40…making time for ourselves, juggling kids, work, marriage and making healthy choices. It takes us a while to realize that we are worth making time for ourselves!! Whether it’s working out, prayer/meditation, yoga, pilates, running/walking, finding “that thing” that literally makes you move!! We must realize that we are worth the time for meal prepping/planning - taking that extra time will take that forever question of “what’s for dinner?” off the plate - no pun intended! We are worth putting ourselves first! This IS what this beauty is doing! She is taking charge, she is creating changes that will last a lifetime! She is doing this in the most healthy right way possible!!! I want to celebrate her victory today! I want her to know how damn special and inspiring she is to me! I want her to know that I cheer her and and my whole squad on everyday to make these awesome choices! We may slip and fall every now and again but we keep plugging away! Everyday we make the choice! We’ve got this!


Rebounding! Health benefits and why I absolutely LOVE my Bellicon rebounder!

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Why do I absolutely love rebounding?? Well it’s pretty simple…it’s FUN!!!!! Actually…there are a lot more health benefits to rebounding, however since becoming a personal trainer I am thirsty for education as to how we can train our bodies more effectively and more efficiently. Several years back I read an amazing book about foam rolling and the benefits of that form of training. It discussed the importance of lymphatic drainage and the over all health of our fascial system. In conjunction with that I was also introduced to the incredible benefits of rebounding. I’ll keep it simple…

  • Improves strength and balance

  • increases bone density

  • Helps detox lymphatic system

  • AND….It’s super fun!!!!

I find ALL of my clients absolutely LOVE running, doing squats, holding plank, jumping, doing amazing abdominal work on the rebounders! Sort of makes them feel like a kid again jumping on their trampoline in the backyard. You can read more about the benefits of rebounding below on my link. My Bellicon rebounders are truly the very BEST!! I wouldn’t have any less than the BEST for my Core Squad!!! Happy rebounding to one and all! XO


WHY I am a personal trainer and obsessed with helping my squad!!!

Why am I a personal trainer and totally obsessed with helping my squad achieve their fitness and nutrition goals??? Well it’s pretty simple but it’s something that I believe with all my heart and soul! We all have the right to feel amazing! We all have the right to put ourselves first and not feel guilty when it comes to self-care. Most importantly we all have the right to live our BEST life and become whatever we want!!!

I believe everyone has the power to change from the inside out. I believe we can all take steps each and everyday to help us stay motivated and inspired…keeping us moving forward towards our goals. I believe we can all be our best selves starting today!!!!

I believed in myself when I took that first of many steps towards my own health and nutrition goals nearly 15 years ago after the birth of my daughter Josie. I believed back then as I do now that if I did just 1 thing each day that I would ultimately reach my goals! To that end, here I stand here 15 years later, 15 years older and 15 years wiser setting new goals and breaking new ground because I took that first step and made my health and fitness a priority - because guess what?? I am worth it! And you are too!!!!

Set 1 goal today - just start…maybe it’s drinking 8 oz. of water 8 times today? Maybe it’s making time for a healthy breakfast? Taking a walk around the block with your dog - even in the rain….or maybe holding your first plank for 10 seconds to start to get those amazing arms you have always dreamed about…Regardless of what it is just start, just do 1 thing and make “YOU” a priority! I can assure you that you will feel incredible and be on your way to moving mountains! Believe in yourself - it’s life changing!!!! xo

It's Time!!! Let's do this nutrition thing together!!!

THIS DAY!!!!! I can’t even explain how excited I am to be launching phase 2 of Core Focus!!!!  Today is the day to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together! 


We work out multiple times a week, we try and get plenty of sleep and drink tons of water to hydrate our bodies!  Now if only we had the tools to wrap it all up and get the results we are looking for!  Its time to jump start your nutrition with a 7 day cookbook/plan that will help you make mindful choices and support your body to reach it’s potential!


This e-cookbook will help motivate you each and every day with delicious whole food, plant based recipes. You will be able to take charge and feel less stressed knowing that you have a plan... BONUS, you will be able to incorporate all of these ideas into your everyday routine even after the 7-days is through!  Most importantly you will start to feel results on day 1!


Here’s what you can expect in this 7-day e-cookbook…


1.  Budget friendly meal plan for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners!

2.  Recipes and prep guide to help you along the way!  Plus nutrition information.

3.  A complete shopping list that will help make your trip to the grocery store quick and stress free!!!


This e-cookbook will be your toolbox for easy, delicious recipes that will help you kick-start your healthy, mindful eating today!!!  Let’s do this together!!!! 


Here’s to a healthy mind and body!! Click on “shop” in the main menu and start today!!


Wendee xo


Kick-start your health and fitness journey!

Hey Core Focus Squad!!!!


It’s time to get excited!!  Coming soon!  I mean SOOOOON!!!! Kick-start your way to a clean eating program that will give you everything you need to feel healthy from the inside out! 

With many years of experience in training & coaching clients I have discovered that the one common denominator in keeping people from reaching their health and fitness goals is the nutrition/meal planning component of their current regimen.


If you have ever felt that you do all the right things by working out multiple times a week and you still have yet to see any changes its time to start now.  This cookbook/7 day meal plan will help to inspire and motivate you with delicious whole food, plant based recipes.  This cookbook is EASY, DELICIOUS and an EFFECTIVE way to create mindful eating habits, and you will start seeing results on day 1!


Here’s what to expect during the week!

1.   Budget friendly meal plan.

2.  Recipes and prep guide/nutrition information

3.  A complete shopping list that will help you feel less stressed and more in control of what and how you eat throughout the day.


If you want more pep in your step. Budget friendly, delicious meal plan ideas that will help you feel good from the inside out. Start to see the results you have always wanted, its time live your best life!! This e-book is your toolbox to kick-start your healthy, mindful eating TODAY! Stay tuned!  It’s all happening soon!!!!


Here’s to a healthy mind and body!



Copy of Cleansing with REAL FOOD!

I just came back from the most wonderful vacation in Hawaii and boy do I need the post vacay cleansing with REAL FOOD! Hawaii is great for the soul but mai tai’s and the break from my daily routing of exercise and healthy eats has taken its toll. Time to reset! No better way than to start off by setting goals of daily water intake of no less than 64 oz. of water and back to whole, real foods! To get me back into the swing of things day 1 I starting off with lemon water and a soft boiled egg and avocado! For the rest of my post vacay detox and getting myself back on track see Each and every time I need help getting back on track this book is my absolute GO TO!

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