Kick-start your health and fitness journey!

Hey Core Focus Squad!!!!


It’s time to get excited!!  Coming soon!  I mean SOOOOON!!!! Kick-start your way to a clean eating program that will give you everything you need to feel healthy from the inside out! 

With many years of experience in training & coaching clients I have discovered that the one common denominator in keeping people from reaching their health and fitness goals is the nutrition/meal planning component of their current regimen.


If you have ever felt that you do all the right things by working out multiple times a week and you still have yet to see any changes its time to start now.  This cookbook/7 day meal plan will help to inspire and motivate you with delicious whole food, plant based recipes.  This cookbook is EASY, DELICIOUS and an EFFECTIVE way to create mindful eating habits, and you will start seeing results on day 1!


Here’s what to expect during the week!

1.   Budget friendly meal plan.

2.  Recipes and prep guide/nutrition information

3.  A complete shopping list that will help you feel less stressed and more in control of what and how you eat throughout the day.


If you want more pep in your step. Budget friendly, delicious meal plan ideas that will help you feel good from the inside out. Start to see the results you have always wanted, its time live your best life!! This e-book is your toolbox to kick-start your healthy, mindful eating TODAY! Stay tuned!  It’s all happening soon!!!!


Here’s to a healthy mind and body!