It's Time!!! Let's do this nutrition thing together!!!

THIS DAY!!!!! I can’t even explain how excited I am to be launching phase 2 of Core Focus!!!!  Today is the day to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together! 


We work out multiple times a week, we try and get plenty of sleep and drink tons of water to hydrate our bodies!  Now if only we had the tools to wrap it all up and get the results we are looking for!  Its time to jump start your nutrition with a 7 day cookbook/plan that will help you make mindful choices and support your body to reach it’s potential!


This e-cookbook will help motivate you each and every day with delicious whole food, plant based recipes. You will be able to take charge and feel less stressed knowing that you have a plan... BONUS, you will be able to incorporate all of these ideas into your everyday routine even after the 7-days is through!  Most importantly you will start to feel results on day 1!


Here’s what you can expect in this 7-day e-cookbook…


1.  Budget friendly meal plan for breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners!

2.  Recipes and prep guide to help you along the way!  Plus nutrition information.

3.  A complete shopping list that will help make your trip to the grocery store quick and stress free!!!


This e-cookbook will be your toolbox for easy, delicious recipes that will help you kick-start your healthy, mindful eating today!!!  Let’s do this together!!!! 


Here’s to a healthy mind and body!! Click on “shop” in the main menu and start today!!


Wendee xo