WHY I am a personal trainer and obsessed with helping my squad!!!

Why am I a personal trainer and totally obsessed with helping my squad achieve their fitness and nutrition goals??? Well it’s pretty simple but it’s something that I believe with all my heart and soul! We all have the right to feel amazing! We all have the right to put ourselves first and not feel guilty when it comes to self-care. Most importantly we all have the right to live our BEST life and become whatever we want!!!

I believe everyone has the power to change from the inside out. I believe we can all take steps each and everyday to help us stay motivated and inspired…keeping us moving forward towards our goals. I believe we can all be our best selves starting today!!!!

I believed in myself when I took that first of many steps towards my own health and nutrition goals nearly 15 years ago after the birth of my daughter Josie. I believed back then as I do now that if I did just 1 thing each day that I would ultimately reach my goals! To that end, here I stand here 15 years later, 15 years older and 15 years wiser setting new goals and breaking new ground because I took that first step and made my health and fitness a priority - because guess what?? I am worth it! And you are too!!!!

Set 1 goal today - just start…maybe it’s drinking 8 oz. of water 8 times today? Maybe it’s making time for a healthy breakfast? Taking a walk around the block with your dog - even in the rain….or maybe holding your first plank for 10 seconds to start to get those amazing arms you have always dreamed about…Regardless of what it is just start, just do 1 thing and make “YOU” a priority! I can assure you that you will feel incredible and be on your way to moving mountains! Believe in yourself - it’s life changing!!!! xo