Rebounding! Health benefits and why I absolutely LOVE my Bellicon rebounder!

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Why do I absolutely love rebounding?? Well it’s pretty simple…it’s FUN!!!!! Actually…there are a lot more health benefits to rebounding, however since becoming a personal trainer I am thirsty for education as to how we can train our bodies more effectively and more efficiently. Several years back I read an amazing book about foam rolling and the benefits of that form of training. It discussed the importance of lymphatic drainage and the over all health of our fascial system. In conjunction with that I was also introduced to the incredible benefits of rebounding. I’ll keep it simple…

  • Improves strength and balance

  • increases bone density

  • Helps detox lymphatic system

  • AND….It’s super fun!!!!

I find ALL of my clients absolutely LOVE running, doing squats, holding plank, jumping, doing amazing abdominal work on the rebounders! Sort of makes them feel like a kid again jumping on their trampoline in the backyard. You can read more about the benefits of rebounding below on my link. My Bellicon rebounders are truly the very BEST!! I wouldn’t have any less than the BEST for my Core Squad!!! Happy rebounding to one and all! XO