My daily inspo today!!! Healthy and mindful choices!

Inspiration comes in many forms and today it came from one of my beautiful clients!!!! I share this gorgeous picture of her breakfast today, because not only does it look absolutely delicious, it truly shows her excitement and her joy in making herself a priority by starting her day off right. She struggles with many of the same issues we women struggle with after turning 40…making time for ourselves, juggling kids, work, marriage and making healthy choices. It takes us a while to realize that we are worth making time for ourselves!! Whether it’s working out, prayer/meditation, yoga, pilates, running/walking, finding “that thing” that literally makes you move!! We must realize that we are worth the time for meal prepping/planning - taking that extra time will take that forever question of “what’s for dinner?” off the plate - no pun intended! We are worth putting ourselves first! This IS what this beauty is doing! She is taking charge, she is creating changes that will last a lifetime! She is doing this in the most healthy right way possible!!! I want to celebrate her victory today! I want her to know how damn special and inspiring she is to me! I want her to know that I cheer her and and my whole squad on everyday to make these awesome choices! We may slip and fall every now and again but we keep plugging away! Everyday we make the choice! We’ve got this!