My vision board!!!

I’ve never been one to do a vision board, but trying to focus myself and continuing to goal set I decided I should undertake this challenge and run with it! What a perfect project to do over a few cold and snowy days…Asking myself these questions….What are the things that attract me? What do I want to bring into my life this year as it relates to business and family? What are my goals and what sparks that joy inside??? I’d like to think I know the answers to all of these questions but I don’t…So I grabbed a huge stack of magazines, my scissors and some tape and just started cutting out everything that drew my eye in. Before long I had created a board full of inspiration, positivity and most importantly short and long term goals! I’m a very visual person so setting it up in front of my workspace was important so I can see it each and everyday! This helps me stay focused. It was so much fun to simply look for quotes, pictures, words just anything that brought me inspiration. My daughter even sat down and started to create her very own vision board too! So much fun!!! The creative side of me got to come out and play and helped me focus my direction with so many areas of my life. I highly recommend letting your creativity flow and finding your passion for what you envision your life be. Keep it in front of you and make the commitment each and everyday to move forward step by step and you will reach new heights.